Nov 18th – An Exciting Day!

November 18th is just around the corner! Exciting, right?!

Well, okay. That isn’t normally a day people get excited for so I should explain. Two exciting things are happening!

Gamefreak and Nintendo are releasing Pokémon Sun and Moon. It is sure to be a great day for Pokémon Lovers! … Speaking of Pokémon lovers… to celebrate I am giving away Karta Monstra free on that day! Grab it here!

What else is happening? All Men’s Space will also be free, for the very first time! This is to celebrate… that I didn’t look up the release date for Pokémon Sun and Moon before I set up all the promo stuff for All Men’s Space! Grab it here!

Regardless, it will be an interesting day to see which one… comes… out on… top!



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