NaNoWriMo 2016

Do you know what I can never remember how to spell? NaNoWriMo!

Honestly, I just never remember what the letters are supposed to be in it. It should be NNWM or something else. I have never participated in a NNWM (I’m calling it that from now on) before, and after warming up a few times during Camp NNWM this year I have realized that I probably shouldn’t ever participate! Something tends to happen to me if I do, and the story gets delayed.

50,000 words in a month is kind of a big deal, and I am totally in awe of anyone that can do that when under pressure. I’ve actually done that, but not when under pressure!

I’m in awe of anyone that even tries actually! Hey Listen! Don’t get discouraged if you don’t finish 100% in one month, that is hard. Just be proud, even if you only got 10% done, that is something! Keep going after November ends, every month technically is NNWM!

Saying all of that, however, I am participating this year. *Gulp* This will be a first. But I am not officially putting my name up, nor am I writing! According to the rules you can also edit works you have previously written, so I am taking this month to do the final edit on Book 3 of the Anders Quest Series: Patchers of the Code!

November is almost half over and I am almost half done editing, so it has been working out thus far! I hope to have a cover finished (and a book layout done) this month as well, you can expect my next blog post will be about that, unless something like ‘Kittens Like Bowling’ takes my fancy, because let’s face it, that would be pretty amazing!

(Also, why didn’t they pick a month with 31 days? 1 extra day means a lot with 50k words!)


  1. Camp Nano is in June or July, so 31 days for that. I’m signed up and a little over half way there. You should put your name up anyway – there are a bunch of rebels who don’t live by the rules. There’s even a rebel forum so you can verify that you are in fact a rebel. Good luck with the book and I love the pic for this article.

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