Introducing: Crafts! Series 1

Introducing the very first official Annals of Gentalia merchandise! (Besides the books of course!)

I have absolutely no idea how you could quickly order one if you wanted one… I probably need to set up an official shop on this website or on Amazon or something. But you can still be the first non Beta-Reader to own one of these hand-crafted (by the Author no less) crafts! If you wish to own any of the Series One Ornaments, contact me directly through this website! (They cost $8 each, but buy more and save!)

Series One Contains:

Anders, Fournimer, Palcath, Roodg, Lissa, and Mr. Max!

Anders - perler

Anders Perler!

Palcath - perler

Palcath Perler!

Fournimer - perler

Fournimer Perler!

Roodg - perler

Roodg Perler!

Lissa - perler

Lissa Perler!

Mr Max - perler

Mr. Max Perler!

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