Impressive Too Bet Singing

This time for my writer’s group prompt there was some indecision. The words that got thrown around were ‘Impressive’, ‘Too’, ‘Bet’, and ‘Singing’. In typical CB Archer style I decided to just go with that! We had 15 minutes to write about this topic, if you had that much time to write about… something… what would you have written about?

Why did he agree to this? This was such a bad idea.

The curtain slowly rose as Paul watched for the faces of the crowd. He saw that the first two rows were packed before the blinding lights of the stage hit him. This place probably was standing room only as he had heard, who would have ever guessed that this would draw such a big crowd, that he would bring such a big crowd. It would have been impressive, if this had been his idea of a good time, or if his clumsy hands hadn’t sweated straight through the material on the insides of his jean pockets.

Paul coughed nervously once, then again. He opened his mouth wide but not a single note would escape. The timer, he could see it now, and it was already down to eight. He knew this was what they wanted, this is why this place was full, they all wanted to see him choke on stage.

He would not let that happen, he didn’t want Mickey to lose, but could only stand there helpless as each eternal second ticked by.


Paul shifted his stance.


Paul sputtered up a feeble squeak.


Paul’s eyes got a bit more adjusted to the lights. Oh gods, this place was really packed. Full.


They were all looking at him.


Even Mickey. There was Mickey shaking his head with disappointment.


No He had to do this. He had to. For Mickey.

With a big breath Paul opened his mouth wide and let out a huge note. Mickey cheered happily, knowing the bet was won! Paul sang on happily.

Paul wouldn’t sing I’m a little teapot to a stadium full of witnesses eh Lavern? Well who is laughing now?

Lavern was. In row seven. She was also taking pictures.

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