This week in my writer’s group the word was Magic. We had about ten minutes to write on the topic of Magic!


The White Ogre grasped its fluttering heart and fell slowly into the flames on the ground. The black pitch smell was strong in the air, still rich from the Fire Lance, and was only slightly masked by the sweet stench of burning ogre hair.

A Calm wind breezed through the mountain canyon and the ashes from the ogre drifted away slowly, forever lost. Victory was finally obtained, the battle was over.

“No!” A shrill voice broke through the serene moment. “You can’t have defeated my ogre!”

“Oh, but I have,” a calm voice answered.

“You broke the rules.”

“Tsk, tsk, Martin. I did not. Read the description of the spell.”

Martin read loudly, brow furrowed. “instantly kill one white mana monster. No save?! That is total shit Thomas. Total Shit.”

“Sorry Martin, that’s the rule. Now pay up! i want the that last cupcake.”

Martin relented, reluctantly and threw the angel food buttercream delight in Thomas’ face. “I hate playing Magic with you. All my cards suck!”

If you only had ten minutes to write about magic, what would you have written?

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