Fan Art For Those That Have None – Part 2

I am going to keep drawing Fan Art, for people that have no fan art! I will just update the same post for a week or so, then zing! New post. So check back on the old posts for more Author Love!

Here is Hestia ‘Rose Grubb’ from The Revenge of Rose Grubb by Rachael Eyre

Draw Somethingesk Cards

FBI agent Miriam Goldblum of the Golden Fleece Society finds a mysterious artifact. From In the Hands of the Unknown, by AE Hellstrom.

Draw Somethingesk Cards

Cnan, as she walks through the fire to become part of her tribe. Also, she has a dramatic scarf, not sure if she had one before, but walking through fire demands drama, and nothing is as dramatic as a scarf. This is from Broken Sky by CB Matson. (Yes a fellow CB! Amazing!)

Draw Somethingesk Cards

LX the alien who shares Anders’ Hairstyle #, meets Mellie for the first time.From the Legacy Series by GG Atcheson.  Spoiler Alert (From the book blurb) I am pretty sure Mellie is a vampire.

Draw Somethingesk Cards

I have decided that book video promos are excellent resources for this. Here is Amanda  out clubbing on vacation while she is being eyed up by… that sexy guy there with the abs who is on the cover, from True’s Love by TL Clark.Draw Somethingesk Cards

Here is Nathan from the Incubus Saga by Amanda Meuwissen as he… uh… as he… Sorry. What is going on? There is just so much to like with this one that I completely lost my train of thought. Oh right. Here he is with the Incubus and I think he…

I forget cause Abs!!!Draw Somethingesk Cards

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