This week for Flash Fiction Writing Slam the word was shock and we had 15 minutes to write something interesting!


Rumble! Jennifer felt the ground rolling under her feet as the earth shook. Before the seasick land subsided Aftershock jumped up again from the broken pavement and landed into the crowd of people. The waves of earth from his earthquake making boots threw countless citizens up into the air, Jennifer nearly fell over when she landed, but she was quick and steady. Unnaturally quick and stead for her normally awkward self.

Today had been a strange day. First there had been that mysterious job offer from the eccentric billionaire to become his personal dog walker. Then there had been the explosion at the asylum for the criminally insane. Finally there had been that kitten that had escaped from Super City’s pet shop that Aftershock had robbed the place by throwing a radioactive alien gem at. That kitten had flown on literal golden wings into Jennifer’s face this afternoon while walking Mr. Vayne’s prized wiener dog Champ.

Nothing had been right since that kitten bit her. But, it was alright. Aftershock hadn’t knocked her over. He had knocked over the rest of the citizens, but not her. Her kitten bite was glowing. Had she gotten super kitten powers? She jumped into the air and slashed with her new kitten claws, knocking Aftershock over in one blow.

She was a superhero now. A cat superhero. She would be… The Night Bat! Because she really liked bats.

If you only had 15 minutes to write about Shock, what would you have done?

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