Fan Art for those that have none.

I recently posted in a writer’s group about receiving fan art and I was devastated to learn that some people have NO fan art!

So I have started to make them Fan Art, based on what I am pretty sure is a scene in their book given their book covers and blurbs. Enjoy!

Renee Ward from Kind of Like Life by Christina McMullen discovering that magic exists!

Draw Somethingesk Cards

Ashima Nayar from The Toymaker by Melissa A. Jensen as she battles a giant mysterious monster in the mines with only her wits, rag-doll, and a piece of glass.

Draw Somethingesk Cards

Mysterious Man at Asteroid Phone Booth from Watching the Watcher by Micah R. Sisk.Draw Somethingesk Cards

Rachel and Roswell steal the Alien’s ship from Rachel, Roswell & The Alien by Dwayne Fry.

Draw Somethingesk Cards

The Crimson Mistress from Rehab For Superheroes, by Ann Livi Andrews

Draw Somethingesk Cards

A light lady from the cover of Nascent Decay (The Goddess of Decay Book 1) by Charles HashDraw Somethingesk Cards

Lovonian and the Orc Chieftan take a much needed break from battle in Little Black Stormcloud (Breath of the Titans, #1)  by Riley Westbrook.

Draw Somethingesk Cards

Niomi wearing her new fur cloak from Wildlander’s Hope by Jenycka Wolfe.

Draw Somethingesk Cards

Either Mishi and Taka, the both sound like badasses, from Blade’s Edge by Virginia McClain.

Draw Somethingesk Cards

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