Book Formatting Fun!

I have never formatted an entire novel before, but I am a graphic designer so I figured it out a lot faster than I will epubs (which is the next challenge). Now that the choices are made, the fonts picked, and the appropriate plugin purchased for Text Boxes it is just a matter of checking over the book to make sure that nothing is amiss.

Thus far there was only one real problem with the location of the random table that is in this book, because I love random tables that don’t belong in regulation fiction. Fortunately, only a single line was needed to be added to even things out and coincidentally Calea’s very first speaking line was just moments before the stubborn table. If you don’t know Calea let me tell you – No one can add yonks of needless long winded dialog to fill space like her! The real problem was getting only ONE line from her! She submitted four entire pages of dialog options, in spreadsheet format, the smallest quote was 467 characters long! Dear Maker! I told her I only needed six words.

Now that everything is just novel formatting, the book layout is going along quickly. I made it to Chapter 14 last night while only being completely distracted by Steven Universe! That is about 1/3 of the book formatted. Then it is right to proof, 10 days of shipping, proof reviewing, changes if needed, figure out epubs, and publish!

Only 6 steps left until this goes live. How terrifyingly exciting!

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