This time for the Flash Fiction Writing Slam we had 15 minutes to write about a topic that came up in a conversation about necklaces. That is right, ears!


Crunch! The ear had a firm texture as he bit into it with gaping maw. Stomach rumbling, the juices trickled down his mouth as they spilled heavily from the gaping wound of the bite. He just couldn’t resist, he licked up a drip of fluid that had trickled down his arm and in his elation tried to lick his own elbow.

Another bite wouldn’t hurt, he half rationalized as he went in. Ripping the flesh from the source, he chewed it slowly, enjoying his time alone. He would not be sated with just two bites, this was fresh, he had waited a long time for it. He was going to enjoy it. Every bite.

He sat down and enjoyed the last moments of the day, ripped off chunks of flesh and laughing a bit when the silken hair got stuck in his teeth. He ate until it was bare, until the hunger was finally gone.

He thought alone for a moment. Should he look for another this night, or was his hunger satisfied. This time only comes along once a year, and he decided he was going to treat himself to another morsel before going to sleep.

He would need to hunt for the perfect one, and he slowly stalked the night. Only one more ear tonight then the long sleep. There it was. Just the right shade of yellow, this would be perfect. The corn was ready to harvest and he would need to start early tomorrow!

If you had just 15 minutes to write about ears, what would you have done?


      1. I loved the twist! Plus, I no longer thought maybe you were working on your serial killing skills


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