My writing group finally decided to do another Writing Slam, or as they actually call it Flash Fiction. We didn’t give ourselves much time this week, because we are bad at time management. Only 10 minutes to write about ‘Balloon’.

Amazingly, mine is by far the brightest and feel goodiest.


Up it went, towards the sky, to touch the face of the heavens, and eventually vanish from sight. Where would it go? Where would it end up while leaving a telltale trail of white smoke behind it?

Chuck smiled for the first time in a long while. He loved airplanes and everything about them, but he especially loved their jet streams. Even now on his 81st birthday he stopped what he was doing and watch the plane fly by. No matter what he was doing he would watch, even if once it had caused him to cause a mild accident with a rude hipster woman.

He really should have stuck with his dream so many years ago, but there was a wife and a new child to think about back then, he had to abandon his dream of flying and take the practical job at the lumber mill. He always wondered what his life would have been like if he had just stuck with it, if he had just been stronger.

it wouldn’t be like it was today that is for sure. Stuck in the rest home, bitter after his family put him in here for having that accident with a rude hipster woman some years ago, and with another ‘celebration balloon’ to symbolize his upcoming death. God how he hated balloons, red but black as the grave.

What would you write about balloons if you had just 10 minutes?

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