We haven’t done a writing slam at writer’s group lately, because we are lazy lazy authors. This is one of my older ones, done before the site existed, and one of my favourites!

We had about 15 minutes to write on the topic of ‘Topless’. I was of course the one who didn’t in fact write about the topic directly (I try to never do that).

Margaret was initially confused, but as time went on things only became more muddled. It had started simple enough, just a short space schooner ride to the nearby moon to check on the goats, but somehow in this perfectly normal day things had taken a strange turn.

As Margaret fed her two favorite goats she was interrupted by a tapping on her shoulder. She was so startled by what she saw that she dropped her bucket of Solent Yellow. There was no other way to describe it, than for what it was. She had been tapped on the shoulder by an ankle, an ankle that was attached to a feminine leg, a black fishnet stalking, and a short metallic skirt, but nothing else. She was looking face to face at a pair of legs, metaphorically speaking of course.

She was too stunned to say anything as the legs glinted in the light of the setting planet. They were robotic, and likely part of a broken Synthetic Humanoid Hybrid. They were standing perfectly fine without the need for a torso, completely topless. Margaret looked silently at the pair of gams, and finally spoke out her bewilderment. “Can I help you?”

The legs nodded, which surprised Margaret, but what happened next was even more surprising. The legs spoke back.

What would you write about Topless if you had 15 minutes?

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