The latest writing slam. This week we gave ourselves about 20 minutes to write on our random topic, but for 10 of those minutes we actually were listening to the Frozen soundtrack, so I don’t know if they count towards the total or not.


Snap! Another plank shattered from the force of a single hammer hit. Shards gently floated away and bounced off walls, ceilings, and floors with soft squishy noises. They had been at this all day, and barely had even the starting of their bookcase finished.

“These genetically modified mega-mushrooms are awful,” Ja’handa scoffed as another mushroom plank split down the middle just from her picking it up. “I don’t know how we are supposed to build anything with them.”

“I know, but it is all we have. Metal is too expensive. I wish that they knew trees couldn’t grow in zero gravity before setting off into this space trip.” said Maharizard with great exposition in her voice.

Timber was a prime commodity on Space Station Chiron 7, and was completely out of the salary range of two space accountants. So they would be forced to use this dirt cheap, poor excuse for mushroom timber to make their bookshelf.

“Why are we even trying? The stupid thing is just going to shatter if we put a book on it!” sighed Ja’handa.

“Not if we coat it with earwig honey first!” Piped Maharizard, who always saw the space glass as half space full.

“Earwig honey?” Yelled Ja’hanada, “On our salaries? Let’s just go get some space martinis, kick off our space boots, and call it a Space night.”

“Space yeah!”

White Wolf Kick

Anders: Finder of wood


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